Exfoliating Turmeric & Lemon Foaming Scrub

Valentine's Day Boxes

Customized glosses are $10 they come with 5 colors and 5 scents.

Colors: Neon Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Pink. | Scents: Peppermint, Apricot, Peach, Cookies & Cream, Cherry.

Customized glosses are $10 they come with 5 colors and 5 scents.

Featured Collection

Fall In Love With The Dripp

Seasonal glosses, scrubs and candles to fall in love with.


Just received my package!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful extra gifts!!! I'm so excited to use the soap. Each gloss is literal perfection, looks like something I'd pay $20 for in a store! And feels like heaven on my lips  I'll be posting reviews asap! Everyone needs to know how amazing you are!!


Love everything! The smell is really delicious


I just checked it out. Did that Fascinated sell out again? Ayoooooo  Yay!!!! But that fall in love is beautiful..



She is a rose gold glitter crowned and Royal scented with Cake Batter (NEW FLAVOR). Comes in her own tubes. 

Hot Off The Press & Golden Rule BUNDLE

My Baby Love. My First Gloss. She Applies Nude With Tons Of Sparkles And Scented With Strawberries.